you are as big as the performer….But alone can not win every game..

(Must Read) Individually you are as big as the performer
but alone can not win every game to win consistently
you will learn to work in the organization
you have to understand the power of others in addition to their ability
And as the situation may be
will have to use the strengths of the organization on the basis.

You’ll Fell Better then ever (Must Read)

Trust me its my personal Experience If You Follow the below lines You’ll Fell Better then ever and you’ll be feel positive motivation yourself like this 
If you’re constantly telling yourself “I can’t” 
you may convince yourself that’s the truth. 
Don’t let negative thoughts and feelings overwhelm you
(Trust me its my personal Experience ) You’ll Fell Better then ever 
Tell yourself you will do your best or that you will try your hardest and more better then ever. 
Replace these negative words with positive ones instead. 

You'll Fell Better then ever (Must Read)
No appetite, we will, after death people will run on foot and we shoulders.  
Do not Decide my character’s decision because of my words will find my find thy existence erased the reality.
If the believe themselves also get along the way in dark . “
which have no one, they have Google  “
so big that when you stand so no sitting. “
those things happen, which we mushkile is displayed, when our focus is not on target. “
thing “is the same of any” thing “. “
British buddy, your character that skimpy nibhao curtain after the fall Clapping. ”

i’m the reason for my own should be too today someone’s smile reason to make it today ..Forever.

i’m the reason for my own should be too today someone’s smile reason to make it today ..Forever.

Ensuring thou my affection …!!!
How would I ensure I cherish your my Heart my adoration heart words heart thumps in thy name likewise does not love the story from its rests bayan he runs over my romantic tale why inquire as to why is the eye torment cries of my affection my affection is ensuring these most recent thou my that I am essentially pass on this adoration I thy till thy nibhaunga these guarantee my adoration Mohabbat so everybody can make the same sentiment lives is the same, in any case, work can not flourish once the Foundation on relationship that won’t blossom the blooms that shrivel away

Be always the reason for someone’s smile. Keep smiling..

About hiding a feelings I am often a wish…  
i Love you so much from bottom of my heart, 
but am afraid to say …  
Don’t get annoyed by my proposal anywhere you …  
So by staying silent, 
your heard the heartbeat is nestled in the lovely eyes 
and is settled in your face ,
 thy love, whether thou to confess or not, 
will wait us unto thee!  
Thou not what my love, 
I understand the fault

No one can stop you that time.You will be able to win.

Friends how many times you fail, 
whatever the number of times you have fall, 
no matter how many circumstances are Difficult, 
you should never ever to be afraid, 
do not feel panic because of your failure. 
Just keep only one thing in mind that your goal is is your priority 
and you have to get it anyway, 
to be successful in all circumstances, 
in all circumstances you have to be always positive with your dream, 
I have to win at all costs. 
Then try again positively with confidence and determination. 
No one can stop you that time. 
You will be able to win.

Actual makeup is smiling face…..

When empty and looking for a way of belonging, then everything should feel close. May be greenery around, when their leaves, branches droop, the chirp of birds and much more, please feel everyone will feel yourself happy. You Laughing environment itself, which plays an elaborate and beautiful life will Itrata equal.
Touch of life to heart smile. Do not suppressed laughter. Frank laugh.

My mind it is shifting the writing –
“Laughter is the happiest,
These are happy moments,
The beauty,
Who live such a moment. “
People are living in their own way. You are them. Everyone’s life is his.

Because it is the first condition of human beings. An animal can not ever smiling.

The actual make-up of your face is the smile. Will show you a beautiful smile in the absence of any valuable jewelry.

Everybody in the world loves flowers blooming and blooming faces.

Blessings given in anger is bad and bad word spoken and smiling look good.

Relationships in the family only last for as long as we get to see each other to keep smiling.

Because your laughter can cause someone’s happiness.

Nowhere was there any misconceptions you may not be seeing the smile is the first condition to be alive.
Keep that good ideas always try to keep your mind touch. Keep out bad thoughts. White hearts on it in an attempt to bad thinking will not splash. Then the mind will be clear. He would dance with joy. That would be the juice of life.
The best aspect of life that you know that ‘life tells you to smile’, and he repeats again and again that the ‘Do not let it fade, juice Keep your smile so he will continue to swell . ”
Recognise the power of life.

Hearts are close to human or mind..?

A Hindu ascetic bath on the banks of the Ganges with his disciples arrived. Some of the same family, but in talking to each other suddenly became angry and shouted loudly. It quickly reversed a recluse and asked his disciples; “Why are you shouting at each other in anger?”
Thinking sometime disciple, one said, “so we lose the peace in anger!”
“But when the other person is standing in front of us, then what good is a need to shout at him, which is to say that even if you can say in a low voice,” again asked the hermit.
Some pupils also tried to answer, others were not satisfied.
Eventually hermit explained …

“When two people are angry at each other, their hearts are far away from each other. And at this stage they can not hear each other without having to yell … the more they will be more angry the more will be the distance between them and the faster they will shout.
What happens when two people are in love? Then they shout but speak slowly, because their hearts are close, the distance between them remains nominal. “
The monks continued to speak, “and when they start loving each other so much more than what happens? Then they do not speak, they just look at each other and come to understand the point of the front. “