How to ask for forgiveness….Its challenge.?

How to ask for forgiveness
the challenge
Just you and your partner have some argument. Do you think, why do I say sorry? I had started a quarrel!

Then you think, ‘Come on, let’s go!’ But still something to do somewhere in the minds of both is a little heartburn. Then you think, ‘Maybe I should just apologize. “But you have to do is very difficult.

why does this happen
boasting. A husband whose name is Mukul says that “sometimes becomes very difficult for me to apologize, because I do not have any respect for me will come from. When such is the vanity, you too ashamed to admit that there was some mistake you.

Not your fault. You only had to ask for forgiveness, when the fault is yours. Jaanavi says, “If the mistake is only mine, then it’s really easy to say sorry. But we both said to each other, curse, then it is different. Now both of the fault, so why should I apologize? “

If you think that your partner is the only mistake-and-only, so you may think that you have no need to apologize. The name of the winning spouse says, “when you know very well that it is not your fault, you agree that you have to ask for an apology from the innocent.”

Upbringing. If you were brought up in that atmosphere where no one did not ask for forgiveness from each other. So you never mistake not learned. Have you ever asked a child not apologize, apologize for your mistakes, so when they grow up, you probably are not used to.

what can you do
The couple are putting the water to extinguish the fire
Apologizing can put out fire fights
Consider your partner. Just think of that moment when somebody had apologized. How good you felt at that time, right? Why not give your partner by saying sorry to her the same happiness? Even if you feel that is not your fault, but you can tell your partner that you feel sad that it is bad, or regret that you have been hurt because of him, but you had no intention of doing so. When you say it with your partner, then of course he will not be angry.

Consider your marriage. Apologizing not give you, but your marriage will prevail. On the other hand, if you apologize, then it will end right there and will not be fussy. We show for you and your relationship with your partner is more important.

Ask for forgiveness as soon as possible. It is true that time is very difficult to apologize when mistakes have both. Whether your partner has to be a mistake, but that does not mean you do not have to apologize for his actions. Avoid it, do not think that after a while and it would be all right. Instead, apologize to your partner. If you do, your partner will be easier for you to apologize. At the beginning was difficult even to say sorry to you, but if you continue to do that, then gradually will be easier for you to apologize.

Ask forgiveness from the heart. Instead of having to explain to his heart, asking for forgiveness. Apologizing time do not say, “I made a mistake, I did not know that you’ll make a mole.” Instead, assume your fault and that you tell your partner that he felt sad, whether Why do not you feel that it hurt him is justified.

Face the truth. Let us never take for granted the fact that time or you may be mistaken. Who, after all, who does not make mistakes? Even if you feel that there is any blame, but also the Bear in mind that many times we do not know the whole thing. Scripture tells us that the first point speaks, he seems fine, until another comes and does not inquire. If you recognize yourself and your weaknesses well, it will be easier for you to apologize.

Today I’ll tell you the definition of beauty

Everyone would Pride in its beauty.

Today I’ll tell you the definition of beauty –
She is beautiful on the lips, 
praying for others to come !!
She is beautiful heart, 
to be a part of the sorrow !!
That which is beautiful emotions, 
to understand the feelings of others !!
Which is beautiful to realize that, 
should the sweetness of love !!
Those things which are beautiful, 
join tales of friendship and love, stories !!
Those which are beautiful eyes, 
beautiful dream to fit anyone !!
He handed to someone who is beautiful, 
difficult times to become the support !!
Which they think is beautiful, 
all a pleasure to hide !!
Is beautiful. Which he joined, 
the sorrows of the world to hide !!
That which is beautiful tears, 
in someone else’s gum to flow !!

Do what you like..Like What you do…but don’t hurt anyone..

Ikigay a Japanese concept, aims to be the meaning of existence. In Japan, it refers to the fact that the person is taken to what is living life. Ikigay someone’s life or energy source refers to those things which are important in his life. Japan recognizes that every human being is the existence of Ikigay him to explore and live life accordingly be worthwhile
And leads to contentment. Ikigay joining has a positive effect on our lives. National Jyogrefik Byuetnr Japan’s Dan Okinawan people and over 100 years of research on the area, in which he underlined the importance of Ikigay for their longevity.

Ikigay concept also affects the choice of our work. It does not just have an impact on our professional lives, but it also determines the course of life. We think, as many roles in your life, which is the most important part of them, and we want to make your life like? What to prepare our children for their future lives Ikigay or to serve your community? We provide innovative solutions for our clients Ikigay or give your family financial and emotional stability? In fact every aspect of life, the existence and purpose of the association may be worthwhile Ikigay.

Importance in professional life
Ikigay with the concept of simplicity can choose from our professional life choices. To start a new professional life or to start the second inning for the middle age group of people, it is equally important. Our interest work inspire us to move forward, but we are often in search of successful role models and follow their footsteps, we tend to look at their financial target engagement. It is likely that it will succeed in the future, but not necessarily received joy and satisfaction. Abraham said Meslo a composer of music for your self satisfaction creates a painting that the artist, the poet writes poems. Potential within the person who, according to him, it must endeavor. While the effort to learn a few things to consider professional Ikigay is important, let’s more-

What practices are better you
The strongest aspect of your personality, consider them. Marrkentg, design, analytical thinking, professional skills to improve relationships, start new projects, their implementation, or to communicate strategy, which of these things you are better, consider the move. Consult your family or friends about this.

Which is like the work
Which job gives you pleasure and satisfaction. If social or economic pressure on you if it is not what you would like to work? .

For which the price can get
You wonder how your skills can find a source of income. Include in the list of such skills, which you can get economic benefits. The most important is to seek the ways through which you can with the financial stability of your choice. It is also important, because many talented people who work in the creative field not pay enough attention to this and do not Marketing of their skills. What education can be done through the work of large digital platforms? What is equally important to encourage art and music, as her creation? Think about this seriously. To pay attention to these aspects of your professional Ikigay can also search. Then your life will balance. Identify Ikigay you will feel empowered and motivated to be successful in professional life and the nature of our world will be better.

What the world
What in your opinion are the biggest issues in the world and how you deal with them like? These are not necessarily global issues, is important in everyday life, they have to be emotionally affected.

Will learn new skills
Some people start with social work, some of your favorite things, but when he takes part in the work of passion, he takes their snowballs into the profession. If a job is not happy to find a way to make it worthwhile, as the sector to learn new skills. Help others.

Three Rules
1- that is, except him who is not on the run that is our nature. Then something or relationships. Yun’s good to move on, despite all get on the same corner a few times it is left empty, which is our own. Join the world, tend to discount their own. Saint Mother Teresa said, “If you want to change the world, starting from home and love your family.”

2-time changes, change ideas, behavior changes and live with him modalities. Love and happiness are not hard on the way. It is difficult to get out of your past. Also think that tomorrow will be like today. The great English writer George Bernard Shaw, “who can not change his mind, he can not change anything.”

3. Seeing others Barkat is no shortage of those who make bad little mouth. It is as if we are going to work hard and fell and the other is to get everything on a platter. We also follow the progress of their work to others often only looks Tikdmbaji. Anjlu writer Maya says, “who hate me, the only problem with them. They see my fame, but I do not know the story. “

Sorry to hear everyone feel good.

Sorry to hear everyone feel good. A point where things start moving in the right direction again. Sorry to hear the anger and simmering vendetta mind becomes calm. Just like some of the water as it boiled milk chintz. But what to do when one is not ready to acknowledge mistakes? Sorry to hear that you are just waiting for the front dash is brought forward. Knowing so many times unconsciously.
Why is better to forgive
Psychology says that every person is born with ego and conscience. Our ego prevents anyone disposed to forgive. He himself seems to acknowledge the weak and inferior. The trouble with that is also without conscience only ego boosts the ego of the other faith walk. This cycle of mistakes increases. ‘Revenge is a complicated problem, while conscience prevents problems from occurring. “
    It is a means to forgive a person or event that you do not deserve to be your destiny. This means that you do not like them or stay with them. Just so that you do not consider it an enemy to them, they would not mind.

      Indian philosophy that says we think alike, so the action of the Spirit that stick. It is actions such as sticks, the soul is the faster your character moves. In this regard, Jain philosophy emphasizes two words decked and cessation. That is bound to lighten the cessation actions and new actions to prevent or decked. To forgive others without the expectation of forgiveness is decked. Tripti Jain regression therapist says, “Sorry, Healing, which works to heal within. Both apologize and forgive make us comfortable. Those people and events are free, who do not need. “

Forgive and move on
– Do not forgive others, or to your disadvantage. From a corner of the mind or the pitching event.
– Sorry to understand the other side. To know that even if you make a mistake somewhere.
– Take pity and compassion. Would be difficult in the beginning, but gradually you will become stronger. How often hurt themselves, who are victims of life miserable and many misconceptions. Do not move behind him when they need help.
– The way to live your life the best lessons are often the front.

The Earth ware we live was created for all, not just we humans.

I’m dreaming for a world where no human ll’be hurts any animals 

Animals should not require our permission to live on earth. 

Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived.

Animals were created the same day as man!!! 

I’m looking forward to the day that man and animals will live together in harmony, 

the millennium and the New Heaven and earth!!!

There’s a time in your life …..Doing anything in life you can do it….

There’s a time in your life 
where you’re not quite sure 
where you are. 
You think everything’s perfect, 
but it’s not perfect…

Then one day you wake up and 
you can’t quite picture yourself 
in the situation you’re in
But the secret is if you can picture yourself 
doing anything in life you can do it….