So wat will it take..

So wat will it take

To mend ur heartache?

For u to love me

An accept that she

Is gone from ur life

An I wish to be ur wife

Or will u dear 

Mourn to have her near

While I wait

But don’t be too late

For time will not stand still

My life I want u fill

But alas

Our timin so vast

Our world so different an far

Yet u forever remain my ardour… 


Somewhere I can finally be happy”(

I need refuge…a safe place….

Away from this madness I have to face

Daily a struggle…a neverendin trend

With no hope of improving, no hope of an end

Im no best thing no ‘hi-grade’

Then why stay an insult an degrade

Think im stupid an not pretty?

Have scarred face an fat body?

Then pls let me leave an be

Somewhere I can finally be happy”(


Look at me what u see?

Look at me wat u see?

Always smiling forever happy

Gait light…demeanor carefree

Tease on my lips as sweet as bee

But look closer through these eyes

That sparkle that never dies

Beyond seemin happiness…but beware

Least u drown in my despair

The pain…the agony inside

Away from this world I carefully hide

No one to trust no one to confide

Silently suffer while torment is amplified


How do u hate me….?

How do u hate me?…let me count the ways
Abuse an name callin…make my dreary days
Fat f…ker…ugly ass…cat-hole am i?
Cunt-hole an hungry indian…u make me sigh
No high grade best thing…no pink skin
Fat ugly an stupid like my own kin
Threaten my life…bruise my body
Beat an torment me…make me bloody
Think I have no brains? No common sense?
My head thick wicked nasty an dense?
Please just stop…shut up I scream inside
But alas no comfort…relief im denied
But its my ego that’s damaged
Soul hurtin an discouraged
Hopin for an end to this madness
Driftin away deeper into life’s abyss
Loneliness my forever friend
With me to my bitter end


Night was cold…

Night was cold….in darkness I lay

Prostrate an shiverin I began to pray

Face first in the mattress…hands coverin my head

Listenin to his threats…tonight im dead

Back my neck a heavy blade

Shoutin an cursin…on me it weighed

Alas flesh gave up an felt a heat

Slowly pourin blood makin puddle in the sheet

I give up my body feels numb

Once love, now this? Wat have we become?

As my body goes limber u finally stop

Only relief when my ghost has given up…:((