Glass and diamond

There was a king of the court Because the winter was so open was in King court Was sitting in the Sun of the morning the entire General Assembly. Maharaja’s throne ….There was a Royal table. And some valuables were kept. Pandit, Minister and all sat in Durbar Dewan etc.And is also a member of the King’s family were sitting. .. At the same time a person came and asked for access. Got access so he said
“There are two things to me, I’ll go every King of the State and keep your items do not lose an assay finds all and I’m now roaming the winner”.
Now you’ve come to the King in the city and said “what is” so he two things …. Put on the table that were precious. They both have the exact same size, same as the color of objects, equal
Lighting everything was similar to fingernail-was … .. King said these two things then. The person said yes gives a show a but are different. One of these very precious diamond and one glass tukda.
But as is all one color. Found a date that is not what diamond assay and which piece of glass. By an assay tells …. These diamond and glass. If assay has turned out … So I will give up and. ..
This precious diamond deposits in the vault of your State will provide instruction. The bet is that if no one recognize greater amount this is the price of diamonds you will need me. .. Similarly I have several States … WINS have come.

King said I, not assay sakuga. Diwan said we cannot even dare because both have exactly the same. Dare was able to muster a not all losers. .. Loser must pay on … It was not a question, as the King was King’s very wealth will fall, it was everyone fears.
A person found not to recognize. .. Finally stir in a blind man a little behind hand Blackjack took.. She said let me take it to the chef … I have heard all the talk about … And also heard that …. An assay is not … Give me a chance too. .. By dint of a man. … He went to the King.
He prayed to the King … I so blind from birth. … Even though I have an opportunity.. So, I even once your IQ assay. And maybe even get successful. And if not successful … So anyway you only the losers.
King thought. What is wrong with it in giving opportunities … King said that is fine. So the blind man. Has touched both things. And asked … This is what diamond …. And which glass ….?? .. That’s what you have to judge. ..
Legend says that …. In a moment the man saying that this diamond and glass. .. The man who came to winning so many States he became entranced. And …. “Right you have identified. Be blessed you … According to your Word … This diamond …
I’m giving “in your State’s Vault. Were all very happy and very pleased that even the man who came up with the State received at least a. .. That man, King and all other logo has expressed the same concerns that the blind person you how it is and that it recognized diamond glass. ..
Is the talk of the blind said the owner sat us all in the Sun. I touched both. What is she cold diamond … Which is hot the glass … Even in life. … That thing is hot, tangled in. .. The “glass” and even reverse situation. … The “diamond” ..!!

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