Sorry to hear everyone feel good.

Sorry to hear everyone feel good. A point where things start moving in the right direction again. Sorry to hear the anger and simmering vendetta mind becomes calm. Just like some of the water as it boiled milk chintz. But what to do when one is not ready to acknowledge mistakes? Sorry to hear that you are just waiting for the front dash is brought forward. Knowing so many times unconsciously.
Why is better to forgive
Psychology says that every person is born with ego and conscience. Our ego prevents anyone disposed to forgive. He himself seems to acknowledge the weak and inferior. The trouble with that is also without conscience only ego boosts the ego of the other faith walk. This cycle of mistakes increases. ‘Revenge is a complicated problem, while conscience prevents problems from occurring. “
    It is a means to forgive a person or event that you do not deserve to be your destiny. This means that you do not like them or stay with them. Just so that you do not consider it an enemy to them, they would not mind.

      Indian philosophy that says we think alike, so the action of the Spirit that stick. It is actions such as sticks, the soul is the faster your character moves. In this regard, Jain philosophy emphasizes two words decked and cessation. That is bound to lighten the cessation actions and new actions to prevent or decked. To forgive others without the expectation of forgiveness is decked. Tripti Jain regression therapist says, “Sorry, Healing, which works to heal within. Both apologize and forgive make us comfortable. Those people and events are free, who do not need. “

Forgive and move on
– Do not forgive others, or to your disadvantage. From a corner of the mind or the pitching event.
– Sorry to understand the other side. To know that even if you make a mistake somewhere.
– Take pity and compassion. Would be difficult in the beginning, but gradually you will become stronger. How often hurt themselves, who are victims of life miserable and many misconceptions. Do not move behind him when they need help.
– The way to live your life the best lessons are often the front.

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