When the wind is blowing….i sleep(Must Read)

When the wind is blowing….
A long time ago, there lived a farmer at the northern end of iceland. of those working in his farm was but dangerous place, where the need for continued blowing storms keep coming, day no willing to work would not.
Farmer has made the city a day live advertisements in the newspaper that he needs a worker who works on the farm. Many farmers came to meet but who also hears about that place, he lets the mind from working. Finally a normal height of slim-lean middle-aged individual farmers.
Farmer has asked him, “what do you do in these circumstances?” “Hammam, just when moving air then I sleep.” the man replied.
The farmer took it a little funny but because his reply and was not going to work, so he took the hiring person.
Workers from the morning till evening the hardworking, used mhanat, farmer also was quite satisfied him was that one night a few days bygone. suddenly loud-loud air flowing, farmers experience understood that the storm is going to come now. He’s fast, handheld lantern and ran to the side of the worker’s hut.

“Get up early, given the storm is going to come before everything is chopped devastated crops covered by two dams and two ropes to the gate of the enclosure too racy.” farmer chikha. Labour and big comfortable reflex, “no, Sir, I told you already when the wind is moving so I am a fountain!!!.” hear farmer’s anger reached the seventh heaven,-ji came in to shoot just those laborers, to save things from the coming storm ran.
Farmers on the farm and his eyes stay open by surprise, and good crop bales tied with tarpaulin covered was also tied its cow-bull were safe and were in their dadbon chickens … The door of the enclosure was also strongly tied. Sari was arranged at all things … There was no chance of getting damage left farmer workers of the now “when moving air then I’ll sleep” … Understand, and now she even could sleep peacefully.

Friends, our life also needs some storms are set to come, that we like the workers keep coming trouble of preparing in advance but we also can sleep peacefully. As if starting a student to study so he could live the rest of the exam, the person to save money every month if the need can be assured, and so on. So let’s say that we can also make something like – “when the air is moving so I’ll sleep.”

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